“Our relationships are the vehicles for awakening ~ for freeing ourselves and others from suffering.”

Welcome to my website. I’m so glad you’ve made your way to me.

I am passionate about helping people to live every threshold of their lives with profound meaning and real connection.

Whether you are a daughter, sister, mother, wife, auntie, grandmother;
student, teacher, activist, dancer, artist, writer, professional, unclear about how to get your gifts out into the world;
living as single, married, divorced, remarried;
lesbian, non-gendered;
a change maker, Spiritual seeker.

We are all in this dance together ~ each seeking to unleash the voice inside that hardly knows how to speak.

The inroads to healing often speak to us through life’s difficulties and challenges:

  • conflicting relationships (with family, partners, friends, children, and co-workers)
  • betrayal
  • fertility issues
  • illness
  • financial struggles
  • loss
  • absence of deep connection

These are just some of the reasons people seek therapy.

You can look at them as wake-up calls that invite you into a deeper way of living, as they bring up every uncomfortable and intense feeling ~ especially anxiety, but also fear and grief, uncertainty and isolation, rage, even depression – the entire spectrum.

Are you waking up in the middle of the night feeling anxious and overwhelmed?

When these waves of difficulty arise, most people just want the suffering to end but don’t know how to make this happen.

These states of mind, however, contain flashes of insight that can light the way with opportunities for greater connection and joy.

Developing mindfulness and compassion can free you from anxiety and fear.

What can it mean to connect to your Self and live a life fully lived?

  • feeling free of anxiety and worry
  • living in integrity in your intimate relationships
  • embodying a compassionate acceptance of Self, and others
  • having a loving relationship with your body and all of its changes
  • finding your right mate, or growing intimacy with your existing love
  • becoming pregnant when you’ve been told it’s unlikely
  • sharing loving and healthy relationships with your children
  • enjoying creative expression
  • living your Divine purpose and being in right relationship to that work
  • building financial security
  • connecting to your Soul tribe
  • creating harmony with the Earth
  • weaving a rich and creative inner life
  • developing a consistent Spiritual practice

If you are seeking greater fulfillment in any of these realms, my work is a powerful exploration into the world of mindfulness, altering the very way you think, feel, create, love, parent, relate, work, play, and commune.

Each of us has an inner well of equanimity that consists of deep abiding love, the ability for true forgiveness, pearls of wisdom, and oceans of compassion.

You can learn to awaken these qualities and discover for yourself a unique sense of well-being that can support you through all aspects of your life.

I offer myself as your guide and Spiritual midwife ~ a conduit of connection.

To learn more about my In-person, Skype, and telephone psychotherapy sessions, connect with me by clicking onto my contact page.

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