The Love Doves

The love doves are gracing us with their presence this week. Droves of them leap in and out of our precious oak, forming the largest bird community to take residence here. I’m attempting to write about intimacy – on the laurels of Valentines Day, where so much emphasis rests on the myth of romantic love…. [Read More]


I recently attended an extraordinary day of meditation led by Noah Levine, founder of Dharma Punx  He came to discuss a subject called Right Speech, one that I, personally find challenging to honor.  As what often occurs in a retreat, the teachings come in a timely manner.  I have made numerous attempts over the years… [Read More]

What have YOU forgotten?

David Whyte, one of my most beloved poets, says, “The motivational speakers and self-help books are all wrong: there is no way of creating a life where we are full participants one hundred percent of the time.  There is no way of being fully human without at times being fully stuck or even completely absent;… [Read More]

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