TrueLoveGraphicThe projection of romantic love can be the single biggest obstacle to having a real relationship (this along with your anxiety and anger).

Never do you tire of one another sexually. You certainly don’t fight. And you always have something interesting and meaningful to talk about.

With this imaginal companion, you can share your feelings, dreams, hopes, and fears, and be your truest Self.  This secret companion, your soulmate, always offers you an ecstatic, transcendent, and mysterious relationship in which you are able to stay “in love.”

Sound familiar?

In actuality, the union in love you seek is really the union within your deepest Self.

To have a whole, healthy relationship with another person requires you to be whole and healthy within yourself.

To develop this means you must be willing to look at anything and everything that gets in the way: your anxiety or anger, your projections, your shutting down or blaming the other, your over investing in your partner, giving your power away;

The work is 100% your responsibility.  That is if you want to get free.

It also means developing a connection to your true Source.

When people come to see me they often present with a range of issues:

“My anxiety is too much for my partner.”

“My relationships don’t seem to last.”

“My doubt about my partner keeps me from having real connection.”

“I keep thinking about an old boyfriend. Does this mean I’m with the wrong person?”

“My partner inhibits my freedom and creativity.”

Whether its anxiety, fear, doubt or fantasy, the work of relationship and love begins with yourself.

The healing map asks the following:

  • the curiosity and courage of looking within to identify your obstacles (the anxiety, fear, doubt, and anger) and the willingness to feel them
  • the intention to learn and be accountable (which means religiously tending to your own emotions)
  • the ability to develop and maintain a connection with your Spiritual Guidance
  • the commitment to take a loving action (toward yourself and others)

This map offers a connection inward – which of course has everything do with creating or maintaining a REALationship with another.

This work can empower you to begin looking at the root causes of your anxiety, depression, addictions, failed relationships, and whatever else gets in the way of your personal and spiritual growth.

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