Are you as connected to your child as you’d like to be?

A consistent, loving connection with at least one adult is essential to create the healthy, strong parent-child bond that your children need to thrive.

Few people go into parenting with the idea that they are going to struggle and revisit their own unresolved childhood issues.

Multiply the children and the challenges grow.

Add the pressures of work (or unemployment, money (or lack therof), time, relationship struggles, and other commitments, and it becomes rather challenging to sustain real connection.

Then, for some there are the stressors of raising children alone, without a partner, extended family, or community.

On top of that, children are masterful at triggering every emotion like fear, confusion, resentment, exhaustion, embarrassment, and a lot of anger.

And, when this occurs it is difficult to remain connected – to your Self as well as to your children.

Being a parent is another opportunity, a do-over, to re-parent yourself by making sense of your own early experiences.

You can learn to choose your responses and not be controlled by emotional reactions.

When this transpires it is truly freeing.

I am passionate about parenting mindfully. Not only my own child, but helping other parents to be more present with their children. This work comes from the hundreds of families I’ve worked with as well as my own personal experience as a parent.

  • Understand why your child is acting out
  • Learn to unhook during power struggles
  • Stay connected to your child during tantrums and blowups
  • Develop strategies for handling mealtimes, bedtimes, school, and other transitions
  • Heal your own pain
  • Learn to stay Connected to your Self

Families work best when everyone’s needs are met. A few tips…

  • We fill our children’s cup best when our cup is full
  • Parents’ unmet needs create a cycle of stress in the family
  • We are naturally more patient, understanding, and loving when we are relaxed
  • We are more open to connection when relaxed
  • Couples need to stay connected
  • Single parents need to talk to another adult
  • Parents need nurturing too

Our children are our true teachers, our Gurus, offering us ample opportunities to heal the places inside that need our own loving attention. And, the more connected we are inward, the greater connection we can have with our children.

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