Your biography is your biology!

Your body symptoms ~ whether they are chronic aches and pains, the inability to conceive, or the anxiety that pierces through, have wisdom, metaphoric power, and a method to their madness. They come to you in the form of an offering, urging that you begin to go deeper.

When you’re suffering physically, it can be really challenging to stay connected – to yourself, to your loved ones, and to your energy force.

What is often being asked is to begin connecting inward in a more intimate way; to engage with what I call the invisibles.

Your symptoms are an important language the soul uses to get across information about the true and often overlooked Self. Unspoken emotional needs whisper to you through your body. This can be a challenge and a blessing.

Your dreams are another language which will give you an accurate retelling of what is wanting to be known.

How is your story showing up in your body?

The repertoire of symptoms ranging from aches and discomfort through disease and illness can be explored as a reflection mirroring the deeper truths begging to come out from the shadows.

This is how the body speaks to convey our authentic feelings and reveal the messages from our unconscious.

Seen in this context, your symptoms can serve as a vehicle toward a deeper connection with your true Self, and as a bridge for engaging with Spirit.

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