Are you feeling anxious and desperate to conceive?

Have you been told that your eggs are too old?

The pain and longing to have a baby is never so great as when you try without success to conceive.

I have worked with countless people over the years and have weaved together a successful groundbreaking mind-body process to help women conceive and carry to term:

Setting the Stage for Conception
  • Enhance your natural ability to conceive
  • Breakthrough age barriers
  • Resolve emotionally based issues and become more receptive to conception, pregnancy and child rearing.
  • Learn how your mind and body “talk to each other” affecting the process of conception
  • Relieve the frustration and anxiety of “trying” as you “team up” with your partner to conceive and raise a healthy child.
  • Heighten the effectiveness of natural and medical fertility treatments
  • Have additional children

Carrying to Term

  • Learn how your mind and body “talk to each other” affecting the process holding a pregnancy to term. 
  • Learn how to communicate, bond, and nurture the unborn child in “utero.”
  • Resolve issues about the birthing process that affect the quality of your delivery.

Letting Go

  • Reconcile past abortion(s) and miscarriage(s)
  • Heal if no pregnancy occurs
Fertility Work in Your Life:
  • Create a more relaxed and joyful state of being
  • Increase interpersonal relationship skills
  • Heal family relationships
  • Enrich the quality of your life

We know that conception has more to do with how you feel about yourself as a sensual, sexual and fertile being and less to do with age and statistics. And how we feel about ourselves today is largely influenced by unexpressed (often unconscious) thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors based on unfinished business from childhood. Those who have successfully conceived and birthed healthy babies after years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, have discovered that fertility is, in the broadest sense, a lifelong relationship with oneself.

Fertility difficulties are not only medical, but also connected emotionally.

In our work together, I will guide you on a step-by-step journey through your mind and body to help you connect with your inner-self and understand the underlying problems behind your difficulty in conceiving.

With the resolution of painful childhood experiences and other issues, it is possible to heal and create a healthy new interior life, as well as a stronger relationship with your partner. This process helps couples reclaim their reproductive rights and offers tremendous potential for transformation.

Lastly, if you have come to the end of your road and no pregnancy has occurred, I am here to lend a reservoir of strength and courage as we work together to bring a peaceful surrender to this closure as well as an understanding that there may be other options.

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