“My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon.” ~ Rumi

Carrie Dinow Standing

About Me

I have known since I was a young girl that my happiness was interdependent upon having a true Spiritual practice, as I have been hungry for greater connection to the numinous for as long as I can remember.

I am a lifelong student of what I call “All things Om” (anything that connects me to the Spiritual realm).

As a younger woman, I dreamed of being a Buddhist nun, homeopath, and a therapist. This longing led me to become a licensed psychotherapist integrating my passion for understanding the interconnection of Spirit, Body, and Mind.  Every waking minute and each experience of my life is devoted to growing the seeds of consciousness.

In the mid 90’s, I graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and ever since I have offered myself as a guide, and a healer with a medicine bag; which means I pull from Source the wisdom that is being called forth in the moment.

At the time I was completing my graduate degree, I had a break-up that brought me deep into what I call dark night of the soul. This was a profoundly difficult yet healing time that brought me into the underworld of anxiety and despair. I learned to navigate my way through the terrifying realm that anxiety calls forth.  I dove into this world determined to understand the nature of anxiety so I could be free from it and help others to do the same. This period in my life offered me so many gifts of insight that informs me to this day when I’m working with others in their journey.

As s Spirit seeker, the foundation of my daily practice is meditation and cultivating the discipline of beauty.

Meditation influences and strengthens every facet of my being. It truly carries me through the storms and heightens my joy. I used to get irritated when people talked about happiness because I had no access to developing and increasing joy. This practice offers me blessings of clarity and openness that informs and strengthens all of my relationships.

I am a wife, married to an extraordinary human, a beyond grateful mother, a sister and daughter, an auntie, and a soulmate to my soul-sister friends. I am also so fortunate to be able to experience such a close intimacy with my clients whom I care so very much about. All of these relationships sustain me deeply, and because of them I am very blessed to be able to live my life’s purpose, which is to grow my heart and consciousness infinitely bigger one moment at a time.

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