Show Me The Money!

Money doesn’t grow on __.
The love of money is the root of __.
The rich get __.
Save for a rainy __.
It takes money to __.
It’s just as easy to marry __.
Money can’t buy __.

What did you hear and see about it when you were growing up?
What did your parents say to you when you asked for some?
How many of you were educated about making and managing it?
Does Law of Attraction really work?
Where do affirmations and positive thinking fit in?
Is it taboo to talk about it?

Without knowledge or training we are left to formulate our own ideas based on what we heard, read, or saw others do. These thoughts become our mantras and they resound in our mind whether or not we’re aware of them. And they create our financial reality! We then may partner with someone who has heard, read, and seen a completely different set of stories. Money acts as a lubricant for all kinds of emotional and material interchanges in our lives. It’s like karma. Regardless of how much or little we have, many of us have an unresolved problem with it, just as we have an unresolved problem with life.


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